The Game Plan

by Yaoi Foot

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It's a feel good fun time for the whole family! Listen if you like football! It's all about football! American football! Shoulder pads? We got 'em! Cleats? We got 'em! Nostalgia triggering nerd-core post-music jams? We got 'em!

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Joe Arias


released May 18, 2014

Composed and Performed by Joe Arias and Evan Cooper (see tracks for detailed breakdown)
Recorded and Produced by Joe Arias



all rights reserved


Joe Arias New York

Engineer, Producer, Musician.

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Track Name: An Good Morning
M.C. Coop on the beat
Doin raps all day
swaggin out all day

coffee with milk or sugar is a sick joke
it's the sanctity of the beans you finna get choked

I will eat a plate of candied bacon
that's the sweets that I be makin

shut your mouth when I'm talkin
don't step in my path when I'm walkin

I need to get out of my bed
I need to relax my head
that's what I said

I feel like shit
Track Name: An Entire Day
Doin the raps all day.
Swaggin' out all day.

Coffee with milk or sugar is a sick joke,
It's the sanctity of the beans you fin'na get choked.

I will eat a plate of candied bacon
That's the sweets that I be makin

Shut your mouth when I'm talkin
Don't step in my path when I'm walkin.

I need to get into my bed,
so I can relax my head

Nah, I need to get up,
I need to get outside,
I need to go up to the theme park,
I need to go on some rides.

I need to go get a bunch of my friends,
I need to have some fun, until the day ends.
I need to make amends.
I need to work stuff out.

I gotta work it out.
Yeah, that's what I'm talkin about.
Yeah, and every time that you say something and I'm like, nah I'm not really listening.
And then you say, "Can you speak a little louder?" and I say, "Nah, I speak at this volume for a reason."
And then you say, "Hey, why are you speaking so calmly?" and I say, "Because that's who I am."
If you don't understand then you be like, "Ah, get outta here, god damn."
Uh, nah, I'm not havin' that.
If you disagree, then you're looking for a smack.

I don't wanna mess around with people who say stuff and then receed it.
I wanna talk about thinks that, like, I enjoy.

Sometimes when I'm makin these raps, it's like, goin so stream of consciousness, I stop rhyming for a second it's like, y'know, it's it's

ess, it's whatever man, you just gotta do whatever. You gotta do what makes you happy in life, really. And what makes me happy is


I'm gonna rap all day, day,
because I wanna rap this way.
I'm gonna rap so hard that you forget who you are,
and then you have to drive a car,
and you keep thinking about, "I forgot who I am,
and then I forgot who was in my fam-

And it'll be like, "Oh, no! I have to flee the country,
because I don't know who I am,
and I need to find my green card.
I need to go into a yard,
and then bury myself in a hole in the ground."

Because that's what people do when they need to remember who they are.
But then you remember where you - who you are - when you - you're halfway down the hole in the ground.
And then you remember who you are and it's like, "Okay, I should probably go back to my house, and then just lie down in my bed and

forget this whole day happened, because it was a whole waste of time in my life."

That's pretty much what happens to people who mess up pretty badly.
So, I guess that's all for me.
Thanks for listening to me talk about a thing that happened yesterday.
Track Name: 1999
wake up, okay.
it's my birthday
I'm seven years old.
Go down stairs before my breakfast
gets cold.

Put my snapback on,
strap into my adidas -
with these velcro strips,
boy, you can't beat us.

Rice Krispies and Sunny D
that's the way we do.
Chug 'em down, hit the streets,
I gotta go to school.

Studied all night long,
multiplication tables.
Once that bell rings,
we act like we be locked in stables.

Lunchtime comes,
I get high fives.
Go on line, get my food,
and some plastic knives.

Wake up okay,
when I grow up I'll be a DJ
Keepin it real, born in '93
eatin' cereal, gettin toys, I hope they're free

Watch me play Oregon Trail II
on some Super Munchers stuff
Playin' on the computer like
maybe that's enough

Rap game, 90's kids we so carefree
it's like, who cares
gonna drive a red and yellow car,
while I'm chillin' at the park

Remember when we saw that dead body?
Spongebob died.
I liked when we were wearin' sketchers bro,
I cried.

Good Burger? Great Film!
You beat the rubix cube?
That's chill.
I could never do that because my brain is non-linear.

Toy Story 2? Great Film!
Remember when Buzz
met Zurg?
That was Rad. He met his dad.

Go-gurt and trix,
that's the yogurt that sticks.
Pixie Sticks and magic tricks you know that's how we pick
our schtick for the 90'd kids to be in the mix

Schools done,
time to go home and have some fun
Nintendo 64
none of that Sega trash.

Got link cables everywhere,
man this is a fire hazard.
What's that? (what's up?)
Goin' to Sports Plus? (Yeah!)

Alright! Grab my tockens,
Crazy Taxi machine is full
Go play some skee ball
Aw nice, I got all the people in their rightful places.

100 tickets can't get me anything
some smarties, rubber bands,
flippy frogs, plastic claps
Chinese finger traps. (What's the haps?)

Oh noooo!!!
Pac-Man's gotta watch out for that ghost!

I'm not talkin' about the film with Whoopi Goldberg,
also called ghost. (Great Film!)
I just fell off my bike and needed some Band-Aids

This one kid name Mike,
he tried to take of my Band-Aids
Never liked him, I don't think he's cool, He's kind of a bully
He didn't know The Beatles

What a fool.
Now I'm standing on a hill, boutta roll down
that was fun and such,
now I gotta lie down

The day is over, over is the day
now we gotta worry 'bout Y2K, ay.
The 2000's. The oughts.
No thanks. Let's stay in the 90's forever.

Let's go watch subs for digimon, know what I'm sayin'.
Track Name: Untitled #9
I want to make something beautiful before I die

I really am not sure the reason why

I must dream and portray it on display

I will see that my thoughts will make you feel okayWe are only on this planet for a short while

So I’ve got to make you smileMake you smile